“Misleading statements.”

“Factually incorrect information.”


“Baseless claims.”

“Alternative facts.”

It’s time for journalists and politicians (including some Democrats) to put an end to this cautious phrasing and call out Trump’s lies for what they are. Lies!

Our president and his administration lie to us. Every day. About huge things and about little things. These lies erode America’s trust in crucial institutions and in each other. And these lies have a clear and measurable cost, in dollars and cents — and, in the context of the current pandemic, in human lives. More than 40,000 of them and counting.

We’ve gotten so used to Trump’s lies that we barely even get angry about them anymore. Even worse, he’s getting away with it, because the people and institutions that we rely on to hold him accountable aren’t doing their jobs.

That’s where Defeat Disinfo comes in. We’ve built a sophisticated set of tools that allows us to spot misinformation just as it’s beginning to go viral on social media. We can also spot the truthful counter narrative that’s getting the most traction online. And the next step? That’s you.

We’re building a committed team of online activists who can rescue our democracy simply by sharing the truth. If you sign up below, we’ll send you emails to let you know when there’s a particularly dangerous lie circulating on social media, and we’ll give you the tools you need to defeat it.

If you’re looking for a way to defeat Trump this November, this is the first and most important step. We’re going to drown out all his lies with the truth. It’s that simple.

Fight the lies. Save our democracy. Sign up now.