In early October, the window to register to vote will begin to close across America. Shortly thereafter, those who have registered will have the opportunity to vote Trump out of office. Among them will be Republicans who’ve jumped ship from their party, moderates seething for normalcy, and millions of Democrats who’ve waited four years for this moment.

The momentum to set the country back on course is on our side — but without high turnout, we could be looking at four more years of disinformation, division and the erosion of democracy. Over the next several weeks, while we target Republicans along Trump’s campaign trail with our “COVID Safe Communities” campaign, we will also push for the high turnout we need among Democratic voters. We are launching new creative campaigns each week, sourcing more peer-to-peer content than ever, and amplifying compelling stories from Biden supporters in the digital discourse.

No matter the means we employ, they are all means to the same end: Defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden on November 3rd. Thank you for your part in achieving that end.

Fighting against Trump’s disinformation campaigns costs money. We know times are tough right now, but, if you can, chip in $5 to make sure Trump is a one-term president and competent leaders can start repairing the mess that he’s made.