“Your Platforms, Your Voice, And Your Actions.” According to recent graduate and vocal activist Cabria de Chabert, each of these are tools we must use to combat disinformation. Right now, amidst the hysteria of COVID-19 and nation-wide protests against racial injustice, Donald Trump’s disinfo machine is more dangerous than ever. Let’s use each tool in our arsenal and do our part to fight Trump and his lies.

“As a recent graduate, it has been difficult to remain distant in a time that is meant for celebration and love! COVID-19 has affected us all in some way, and we are trying our best to navigate our new lifestyle. Be mindful of your health during this time, social distance, and take certain precautions as best as you can!

There are political leaders such as Trump who are advocating for our communities to engage as we did pre-COVID (and indulge ourselves in drinking substances such as bleach…). I encourage you to be aware of the information and help defeat disinformation through your platforms, your voice, and your actions!”