Friday evening, news of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death sent shockwaves through American politics. 

Before we had time to digest this monumental loss, the inevitable conversation as to who would fill her vacant seat had already begun and Mitch McConnell had announced his intention to put Trump’s nominee before the Senate floor.

Within the digital discourse that followed, Democrats and Republicans sparred back and forth. Many clinged onto the developments they liked while calling developments they didn’t “hoaxes” and “fake news.”

Despite this discourse — one heavily layered in disinformation — it is critical that we stay the course.

The best thing we can do to honor the legacy of RGB is to defeat Trump in November, and begin to repair the harm that he has wrought on America. With a mere six weeks until the election, we must keep doing what we do best, dialing in on the outreach we know to be effective. 

This Thursday, Donald Trump hits Jacksonville, Florida for another maskless rally. 

We’ve already been sharing the truth about COVID-19 to moderate voters throughout the city, warning them of the dangers that this virus presents across all demographics and political biases.
Fighting against Trump’s disinformation campaigns costs money. We know times are tough right now, but, if you can, chip in $5 to make sure Trump is a one-term president and competent leaders can start repairing the mess that he’s made.