According to Desiree Gray it’s that simple. Donald Trump is going to continue blasting disinformation, so long as it firms up his poll numbers between now and November.

So what’s the point in even listening to him? There’s an endless supply of both fact and fiction regarding COVID-19 on the internet, so how about we cut out the noise and stick with the advice of healthcare professionals. Desiree makes a great point, and here’s how she put it on her Instagram page:

“With the plethora of information across the internet regarding COVID-19, it’s hard to dictate what information is accurate and inaccurate. Some politicians, (no need for me to mention names because I’m sure we are all well aware), have been communicating inaccurate information regarding treatment for COVID-19. It is advised to only take HEALTHCARE professionals advice if there are concerns related to COVID-19. The best thing we can at this point in time is to #defeatdisinformation and continue exercising the CDC’s recommendations regarding safety and precaution.”