Citing reasons from his dishonesty to general incompetence to corruption, the responses range from hysterical to downright depressing. Buzzfeed compiled the top 25 and we’ve decided to share quick snippet:

1. “In 2016 when he demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that he completely lacked any moral fabric by attempting to disparage McCain’s military record because he was captured.” —ImRightImRight

2. “Mandating all of his Secret Service escort to stay at his resorts and pay for high-end rooms, with our tax dollars.” —throwaway-person

3. “If I had to pick one thing that was truly eye-opening for me, it was the worsening of the kids in cages thing.” —PeaceInExile

4. “Name-dropping George fucking Floyd while talking about economic growth.” —mrprez180

5. “When I realized his words had no meaning. You literally can’t trust anything he says. It could be blatant lies and he wouldn’t care at all. It’s dangerous.” —WelcometoHale

6. “When I realized I’m an independent thinker and don’t have to support everything my parents do.” —AustinTheWeird

7. “When he gassed a bunch of innocent protesters with tear gas to get a picture of him holding a bible.” —kickpicket36it

You can check out Buzzfeed’s broader collection of highlights and find a link to the thread itself here.