While America’s leading experts on infectious disease warn of a pandemic trending dangerously in the wrong direction, America’s leading expert on misdirection is hopeful — and pretty sure — that COVID-19 is going to dissipate into thin air.

Trump’s narrative on COVID has been steady: our tests are the best, our high cases confirm this, and all of the scary numbers are irrelevant because the whole thing will blow over when we stop talking about it. 

Throughout this pandemic, Trump has delegitimized voices of dissent and promised us COVID was going away. Too many Americans have died for that to work any longer, and those who’ve lost loved ones are making their fury heard. That makes our job easy: let them speak their truth, then elevate their voices.

Late last month, an American called out the Trump Administration on its deception — and tragically, they spoke from their experience.

Trump’s base is losing faith as they watch their loved ones lose their lives. Share this post with your network so they can hear a real story that Trump can’t label “Fake News.”

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