We’re not dealing with embarrassing antics from an embarrassing President anymore. The disinformation coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth has its own body count; and one that’s growing.

Between urging Americans to bleach-away COVID-19 and opening up the economy to the detriment of his own people, there is an unprecedented amount of harm that his usual disinfo is delivering. Instagrammer Jenny O’Connell doesn’t mince words on her “unstable” president:

“It is absolutely mind boggling that we live in a time where it needs to be said out loud that you should not drink bleach. I never thought I would have to say to grown ass adults- please don’t drink bleach because it will kill you. Or read articles from reputable news sites pleading for people to listen to the advice of medical professionals who strongly advise against drinking bleach or injecting yourself with disinfectants. I never imagined that I would live under a president who claims to have a “good brain” and is a racist predator with a failed line of steaks branded with his tacky name. There are so many instances of Donald Trump’s idiocy and malice dating back well before he disgraced our nation by becoming the president, a lack of evidence is not a problem we face when it comes to debunking Trump’s past and present.

The misinformation peddled by the Trump administration are not ‘alternative facts’, they are dangerous lies with body counts. Facts are facts, we should trust the scientific process which rigorously peer reviews information over substantial periods of time in order to determine what will ultimately make our quality of life better. Not the misogynistic, petulant, unstable, racist who is comfortable with locking children in cages. Listen to the advice of medical professionals, check article sources, investigate the information at hand, and remember if something seems off to you- it probably is.”