But according to Nation of Change, Trump’s parroting of job numbers and stock market growth are as much of a house of cards as his attempts to spin COVID-19 deaths as success. The difference here is that the economy is rather complex, and his lies in that realm are a little harder to dissect. 

In one example provided by the outlet, while Trump is already claiming “Mission Accomplished” on an economic rebound, the actual numbers are, in fact, historically abysmal: “the Commerce Department reported the U.S. economy contracted between April and June at the fastest pace in nearly three-quarters of a century, which is as long as economists have been keeping track. The drop wiped out five years of economic growth.”

It’s an erasure of economic growth dating back 5 years, encompassing every minute of success that Trump can claim credit for. While he continues to assure Americans that the comeback “won’t take very long” and will be solved simply by “re-opening” the economy itself, every credible indicator begs to differ.

Yes, we may have experienced a small uptick in June, but the economy is right back to tanking: “Restaurant reservations are down, traffic at retail stores is dwindling, more small businesses are closing, the small rebound in air travel is reversing.”

Trump’s shown an impeccable ability to lie or embroil himself in corruption and come out unscathed, or oftentimes, even stronger. If his base is still buying the idea that COVID is going swimmingly, there’s little reason to believe they’ll be suspicious about the President’s claims around the economy.

You can read the full analysis of Trump’s economic disinfo here.