From reporting via CBS News, the Supreme Court just handed out a major ruling in the fight against Trump’s disinformation efforts. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has been “conducting a criminal investigation into the president’s business dealings and hush-money payments made to two women who allegedly had affairs with the president years before he was elected.”

The most shocking end of the ruling is that Trump’s hand-picked justices, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, joined the majority opinion that Trump was, in fact, not above the law. In the majority opinion, Chief Justice Roberts wrote: 

“Two hundred years ago, a great jurist of our Court established that no citizen, not even the President, is categorically above the common duty to produce evidence when called upon in a criminal proceeding. We reaffirm that principle today and hold that the President is neither absolutely immune from state criminal subpoenas seeking his private papers nor entitled to a heightened standard of need.”

The battle for access to the President’s tax returns has waged since before he held the office. In debates with then-Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Trump made it clear that he had no intention of revealing his returns then, now or ever. However, Thursday’s ruling makes his staunch opposition irrelevant.

You can read more on SCOTUS’s decision and their full, written opinion here.