“After 3 months of COVID-19 lockdown, many people were ready to get out into the warm, summer weather and “move on.” Especially with protesting, when many people gathered in large groups; masked up, but still gathering. In Milwaukee, this coincided with lifted restrictions on many businesses. With more people going back out into the public on a regular basis, risks have definitely increased. Although masks have been shown to be effective, many still choose to not wear one. This is why available testing is so crucial, now more than ever!

President Trump feels threatened by the rate at which we are testing and believes it is logical to slow testing down to reduce the number of confirmed cases. 1 in every 25 people who test positive for COVID-19 live in the U.S. but 1 in every 4 COVID-19 victims died here. Trump knows that’s the number that matters. But he obviously does not think that the lives lost matter, or he would be doing more to really stop the spread, as opposed to encouraging governors to reopen their states prematurely and unsafely. He is lying to the country, spreading misinformation, and continuing to downplay/distract from a very dangerous situation. Please stand with me against Trump.”