That’s a real quote from the US President. Back in the saddle with Fox & Friends on Wednesday, Donald Trump regressed to some of his old messaging on COVID-19. From reporting via Vox, he seems to be “echoing widely derided, unscientific comments he made during the early days of the outbreak in January and February.”

We’ve seen Trump reject data or dilute its meaning time again, so the fact that he’s “going with his gut” here is probably him regressing to his own average. The interview was riddled with his COVID-19 go-to’s: wishful thinking, calling subsets of the population immune, painting his handling of the virus as the planet’s best.

From Vox’s analysis of the interview:

Trump doesn’t seem to have many qualms about letting the pandemic rage on in hopes of boosting the economy ahead of November’s election, so perhaps it’s not surprising that he views school closures, mask mandates, and other measures taken by state and local officials in response to the pandemic as nothing more than conspiracies to damage him politically.

“We’re set to rock and roll, but the big problem we have is Democrats don’t want to open their schools, because they think it’s going to hurt the election for the Republicans,” said Trump — seemingly oblivious to the reality that the problem is the pandemic, not efforts to save lives while responding to it.

The question as to whether the country’s schools should re-open — the answer to which seems to be a resounding “no” — has found itself in Trump’s crosshairs. It’s more politicizing of a pandemic than never should have been politicized the first place. Check out the full Vox piece as they dissect the disinfo here.