For Youtuber Nicky Paulino, it can be hard to stay positive amidst so much digital disinformation. Sometimes the propaganda surrounding COVID-19 is enough to make her give up and shut out the media altogether.

We shouldn’t live in a world where all news could be “fake news.” We should be able to tell what’s real and what’s disinfo spouting out from Trump’s White House. The moment we give up is the moment his administration wins. In a post on Instagram, Nicky vented her frustrations:

“I wish I lived in a world that didn’t mislead people with information….

Unfortunately, the propaganda coming out of the internet about COVID-19 makes me so upset that I had to speak out. I literally come across so much fake news everyday, I sometimes give up because I don’t know what to believe.”

Luckily for Nicky, there is an organization that is stepping up to the challenge of defeating disinformation.