For years, Angela Merkel has been a pillar of steadiness for the Western world, and it’s fairly easy to connect the dots on these recent remarks from the German Chancellor. Hate, lies and disinfo are relatively synonymous with another Western leader, one who’s leaned into these tactics heavily throughout the pandemic.

From reporting via CNN, the clash between Merkel, a former scientist, and Trump, a salesman who likes to cherry-pick his favorite numbers (or, if they all stink, make up new ones) was inevitable. While her remarks are not newsworthy nor incendiary in themselves — we illustrate these facts for our audience on a daily basis — the source of the comments are.

As CNN puts it, “Angela Merkel knows how to insert a dagger,” and she did so visibly and globally. The authors also notably lump Trump to a group of similarly manipulative world leaders: “Trump, as well as Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, must have felt his ears burning when the German Chancellor demolished their approaches to the coronavirus in a speech Thursday.”

It’s not a good look for Trump, or America, when he is so easily equated to some of the planet’s most disgraceful state heads. You can read more of Merkel’s remarks and CNN’s dissection of them here.