“I meet two major criteria for serious complications from COVID-19: age and damaged lungs (from chemotherapy toxins). I am appalled at Trump’s cavalier attitude towards the illness.

Trump’s inability to lead the United States during a world-wide pandemic has contributed to soaring COVID-19 cases and over 120,000 U.S. deaths. To be reassured, I wanted national uniform guidelines that were implemented by all States and modeled by our president. Instead, Trump has deliberately undermined critical health measures, sent mixed messages and conflicting directives, and treated our scientists and doctors with disdain. 1 in every 25 people live in America, but 1 in every 4 COVID-19 victims died here. Trump knows that’s the number that matters for the record.

Through it all, Trump has tweeted vile messages to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement. I recently attended a gun sense rally to protest the naming of our city to a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary. All participants wore masks and were socially distanced. Thanks to a great email campaign and the folks that showed up, the proposal was overturned! I risked COVID exposure to demonstrate my freedom of speech — something Trump is trying to quell.”