From reporting via Politico, after a swath of data has been collected and analyzed from numerous studies, the FDA has revoked their “emergency use authorization” of hydroxychloroquine for coronavirus treatment.

Trump hasn’t just been touting the drug, he claims to have been taking it. At times, his claims and alleged usage seem more like attempts to prove he wasn’t wrong than actual belief in its effectiveness. Well, none of that matters now, as the FDA has confirmed that Trump’s endorsement of hydroxychloroquine should be outright ignored.

According to the piece, “this month two randomized controlled trials, considered the gold standard for determining whether a drug is effective, concluded that the drug does not prevent coronavirus infection and did not help hospitalized patients.”

But the trials don’t just show zero benefit for COVID-19 patients, they indicate that “doctors have reported that hydroxychloroquine can cause heart problems.” This is rhetoric we heard from the scientific community over and over while Trump relentlessly promoted the drug. Now, with the FDAs verdict in, we can only hope that Trump stops pushing an ineffective and dangerous medication to save face.

You can read more on how the FDA pulled support of Trump’s disinfo here.