Just this week, the American Federation of Teachers released a plan to safely reopen schools across the country. Along with that plan’s release came some scathing comments from one president to another. Randi Weingarten, head of the AFT, took aim at Donald Trump for his misguided and ill-informed remarks on school reopenings across America.

According to Weingarten, “America is staring down a singular challenge that will require all of us to come together and negotiate a safe path forward. By drawing on facts and science, and the expertise of educators and healthcare practitioners, we have drafted a bold five-point plan that aligns necessary public health tools, student instructional needs and logistics to gradually — but safely, equitably and intentionally — reopen our schools and communities.”

By contrast, President Trump has been urging governors across the country to reopen their school programs and finish out the delayed school year. According to Trump, “you’ll see a lot of schools open up, even if it’s for a very short period of time,” adding that he thought “it would be a good thing.”

Of course, Trump’s plan doesn’t take into account many of the considerations that the AFT gave to their own. According to initial reporting by The Hill, those considerations included “infrastructure and resources to be in place to test, trace and isolate new cases, and to deploy public health tools that prevent the virus’s spread and align them with education strategies that meet the needs of students.”

Time will tell whether or not state governors align with reason, or align with Trump’s baseless recommendations. You can read more on the latest sparring between logic and Trump here.