Glenn Kessler has been at the helm of The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” for nine years, and he’s never seen anything quite like Donald Trump.

Glenn Kessler has had a storied career as a journalist. Over four decades, he’s reported on everything from foreign and economic policy to the White House and Wall Street. Since 2011, he’s been the head of WaPo’s “Fact Checker,” an interactive online repository designed to keep politicians aligned on the truth.

Kessler admits that every president will resort to fibbing at one point another. Whether for diplomatic purposes, national security or campaign and policy-related pandering, none of our Commander-in-Chiefs have been immune to the practice. However, he notes, “Trump is not known for one big lie — just a constant stream of exaggerated, invented, inconsistent, dubious and false claims. In the nine years I have run The Fact Checker, I have never encountered a politician so cavalier about the facts, so unconcerned with accuracy, so willing to attack people for made-up reasons and so determined to falsely depict his achievements.”

Kessler notes that his Fact Checker was never designed to exclusively monitor the president or any one public official, “but once Trump effectively became his own press secretary in mid-2018, our weekends and evenings were soon lost to the depressing task of wading through the president’s forest of falsehoods.”

In other words, Trumps’ lies have become so profound — so routine — that Kessler and his team have had no choice but to start a new database, one dedicated exclusively to the president’s own brand of bull****.

You can read more about Kessler’s Fact Check in his own words — and his forewarning for our nation’s bizarre relationship with the truth — here.