Trump visited Yuma to parade the construction of 300 miles of his border wall. In an attempt to tout the instant effectiveness of his pet project, he spoke to the wall’s ability to keep COVID cases in Mexico and out of the U.S.

Using Tijuana as his punching bag, he claimed that the presence of 18 miles of his wall between the seaside Mexican city and San Diego to the north was actively negating the spread of COVID-19. Newsweek broke down some of the most glaring falsehoods that Trump provided in his visit:

Fiction: “Tijuana is probably the worst place in South America, in terms of the ‘China virus’.”

Fact: Tijuana is in North America, and regardless of which of the two continents you pretend it’s in, it does not have the highest rate of Coronavirus relative to the other cities in either of them.

Fiction: “San Diego is not “suffering at all” from the cross-border spread of coronavirus.”

Fact: As of Tuesday, San Diego had as many as 15,282 confirmed cases of coronavirus, according to county data. No data indicates that these cases are coming from internal forces alone, or where the exact origin of them may be.This wasn’t the first time Trump used COVID-19 to drum up support for his order wall and mock Tijuana in the same breath. Newsweek documents multiple other occasions where he made effectively the same claims as he made last week in Yuma. You can read the full piece on his latest disinfo here.