In Lauren’s home state of Wisconsin, there’s ongoing dissension between those who are determined to keep the curve flat and those who are tired of social distancing mandates. Unfortunately, our president isn’t helping to ease the tension. In fact, he’s making it worse.

Trump continues to inject inconsistent and false narratives into the COVID-19 media circus, which is being reflected in right-wing groups across the country who want to terminate safer-at-home mandates prematurely.

Lauren took to Instagram to encourage her followers to block out the noise from the White House. Take a look:

“Seven weeks of social distancing. I know we’re all getting fatigued. I know I personally get really frustrated by the amount of misinformation out there. The good news for those of us in Wisconsin is that we are doing a great job of flattening the curve! We’re not quite out of the woods, though. We need to tune out the noise coming from those who believe we need to sacrifice lives and stay the course and #stayhome. We will get through this together!”