When The Associated Press saw Trump point his finger toward Antifa, saying that the loosely defined organization was behind looting and rioting across the country, the whole thing smelled like disinfo. So, The AP decided to do a little digging on the individuals that were arrested in protests in a number of cities to determine if they were the left-wing fanatics that Trump was claiming them to be.

As with most fact-checking efforts directed at the president, the results are hardly shocking. While no one is denying there have been a number of violent episodes throughout the protests, with incidents of both officers and protesters being killed, very little evidence has been uncovered pointing to anything Antifa-orchestrated.

The AP got ahold of confidential “Intelligence Notes” that have been delivered from the Department of Homeland Security to local law enforcement agencies on a daily basis. According to The AP, these documents “repeat, without citing evidence, that ‘organized violent opportunists — including suspected anarchist extremists — could increasingly perpetrate nationwide targeting of law enforcement and critical infrastructure.’”

To try and corroborate the claims, The Associated Press examined “court records, employment histories, social media posts and other sources of information” for over 200 individuals arrested in Minneapolis and DC, two cities seeing some of the most aggressive protests in America. They found that “rather than outside agitators, more than 85% of those arrested by police were local residents. Of those charged with such offenses as curfew violations, rioting and failure to obey law enforcement, only a handful appeared to have any affiliation with organized groups.”

This wasn’t the only evidence that defined the lunacy of Trump’s latest claims. You can see their full diagnostic of his latest disinfo and the truth behind it here.