As a teacher, mother, grandmother, adoptive and foster care provider, I feel there has never been a more crucial time for us to elect a President who trades in truth, not lies. Throughout Donald Trump’s presidency, he has consistently used lies and disinformation as political weapons to divide our country, dismantle environmental and health protections, and undermine trust in our public institutions. And when it came to the Coronavirus, a pandemic that has already taken over a quarter of a million American lives, he has lied to us from day one. 

Joe Biden has defined his vision for our country built on the principles of honesty and truth. His policies are comprehensive, evidence-based and inclusive. Recognising that education is the key to success, his plans cover students from birth forward. They include universal pre-kindergarten for ages 3 and 4, enhanced mental health services in schools, elimination of funding gaps in poor districts, triple funding of Title 1 programs, teacher diversity and early childhood through post-secondary extensive services for students with disabilities. Biden KNOWS education is CRITICAL for our children and our country. 

The Affordable Care Act allowed over twenty million Americans to obtain health insurance and no one was denied due to pre-existing conditions. Quality preventive health care services for children have improved their outcomes and enabled families to receive necessary medical treatment. Additionally, young adults are allowed to stay on their parent’s plan until the age of 26. Biden will defend health care protection for all and build on the Affordable Care Act. 

Gun violence is a public health epidemic, with firearms the second leading cause of death for children and teens. For Black children and teens, it is the first leading cause of death. Joe Biden has a pro-gun control voting record and a F rating with the NRA. He will work to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN! 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (, 13.6% of households with children were food insecure during 2019. Poor overall health, psychological problems and academic weaknesses are some of the effects of food insecurity in children.  Joe Biden proposes raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, implementing universal paid sick leave, giving first-time home owners a $15,000 tax credit, and providing training to reskill workers. A living wage will benefit a child directly through improved economic status. 

There are so many other issues that impact on our children’s physical and emotional health, but climate change is my number one concern. Imagine leaving our kids without clear air and safe drinking water, with volatile storm conditions, extreme temperature changes, and compromised ecosystem and agricultural yield. Biden plans to build a Clean Energy Future that is equitable in all communities and create green jobs and economic opportunities. 

I have voted for more than forty-five years; however, this is the most decisive election for our children and our country. I support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because they will restore decency, justice, humanity, equity and tell us the truth. As a nation, we can not afford Trump for four more years. Biden and Harris will protect our children and their future. That should be our primary priority! 

Judy Harris Davis, Maryland