Vote-by-mail isn’t a novel phenomenon, as Donald Trump would like you to believe. He could lie all day long about how vote-by-mail is a Democratic ploy, designed to fraudulently steal the election in 2020, but the facts are abundant and pointing in the other direction. Vote-by-mail isn’t new at all. In fact, 5 states (Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah) have been practicing exclusively mail-in elections for years.

So why does Trump say this method is prone to fraud? Well, probably because he assumes increased turnout bodes well for Democratic voters. But who cares where he got the lie, we’re here to prove why it is one.

The Hill recently put out a piece titled, “The ‘voter fraud’ fraud”, which uses hard data to show that vote-by-mail has absolutely no impact on the amount of fraudulence in an election, and why Trump’s latest lying-spree has absolutely no merit. Ironically, the piece cites evidence from an established conservative think tank, The Heritage Foundation, as evidence against Trump’s narrative.

The Heritage Foundation “compiles a database of reported instances of voter fraud or election fraud.” According to The Hill, an examination of that “database for the period 2000-2020 shows that reported instances of such fraud per capita are actually higher in “strict” states than either “no excuse” states or complete “vote by mail” states.

“For these types of fraud, within the 29 “no-excuse” absentee states, there was one reported fraud case for every 2.4 million persons. This compared favorably to one such case for every 1.6 million persons in “vote by mail” states, and even more favorably than the strict states, with one fraud case for every 740,000 persons.”

The Hill

Welp, once again, the facts aren’t adding up for Trump. It’ll also might be a little hard for him to downplay data coming from his side of the aisle.

You can read actual facts on vote-by-mail and real evidence against Trump’s latest disinfo here.