Concerns that Trump may delegitimize — or outright reject — the results of the November election have grown over the course of the year. Last week, those concerns earned their wings. To those who saw it coming, Trump’s insistence that the election will be so riddled in fraud that we ought to delay it altogether comes as no surprise.

He began laying the groundwork for this months ago. But it was the appointment of one of his own donors, Louis DeJoy, as head of the U.S. Postal Service, that marked the beginnings of a far more coordinated attack on our democracy.

Since DeJoy took the office, the Trump donor has been gutting USPS funding in a manner that looks an awful lot like voter suppression: slashing employee hours during high volume delivery windows, deauthorizing “late trips” and “extra trips,” cutting the use of overtime to deliver packages on time — all according to a leaked department memo.

These changes are the inevitable second phase of Trump’s tireless campaign to misinform the American people, sow doubt into the results of the November election — or even alter those results altogether.

It’s voter suppression happening in real time, and American voters need to be aware of it. Unless we take action, Trump could very well succeed in his attempts to erode vote-by-mail. That’s why we’re lifting the voices of postal workers who are fighting his efforts on the ground.

Amidst the political crossfire are America’s postal workers, and they’re sharing stories about their commitment to keeping the mail delivery system intact.

Trump’s appointment of his own donor as head of the USPS has turned into voter suppression in real time.American…

Posted by Defeat Disinfo on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

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