Do you believe in masks? As of last week, the President didn’t. In fact, in speaking with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, Donald Trump shot down the idea of a national mask mandate like Wallace asked whether he believed in ghosts.

Then, just yesterday, after four months of baseless refusal, Trump endorsed the idea of masks as patriotic. Trump is going to believe what Trump wants to believe, and it’s no use trying to figure out why. Leading America through a biological pandemic was never guided by science or the opinions of experts, but by the optimal political move at the optimal time.

We can’t hope to sway our President with the truth, but millions of American can be moved by a strong message from an honest source. We believe that Christine has that message and we need your help delivering it to fringe voters.

No matter what we “believe,” masks ARE effective and they have undoubtedly saved American lives. Share this post to your network and drive home reality to voters before our President changes his tune.
Trump will protect his second term before he protects American lives, so Americans need all the help they can get. A contribution of $25 goes a long way to reaching battleground state voters.