For weeks now, we’ve been sounding the alarm over the risks that Trump’s rallies pose to those who attend them. Few masks. No social distancing. Little regard for the undeniable dangers of COVID-19.

Now, with Trump testing positive for COVID less than a week after holding rallies in Middletown, PA and Duluth, MN, our fears have been realized. And with this news, there has never been a more effective time to bring home the message to the residents of these swing state towns that Trump’s disinformation and recklessness have put their lives at risk.

Visit our page, share our content, and help us drive home our messaging in the little time that remains to remove Trump from office. With the election just 29 days away, NOW is the time to make an impact.

Thank you for being part of the fight, but the fight against Trump’s disinformation campaigns costs money. We know times are tough right now, but, if you can, chip in $5 to make sure Trump is a one-term president and competent leaders can start repairing the mess that he’s made.