Want to see Trump’s true colors? Ask him to choose between poll numbers and American lives. Last week, he was spinning America’s rise in COVID-19 cases as a consequence of “big” testing. Despite being corrected by countless health professionals and experts for misleading the public, Trump was still peddling the disinfo well past his bedtime on Sunday:

But in Tulsa, he must have felt the heat, because he admitted he’s cutting back on the number of tests to save face. That’s right — our president is curbing America’s efforts to treat patients of a deadly virus because if we treat too many people, his poll numbers will look bad. Recounting his own directives to his own staff, Trump said, “So I said to my people, ‘slow the testing down, please.’”

His callousness goes beyond disinformation this time. To a crowd of his own base — to applause — he’s admitting, almost boasting, that he’s putting American lives at risk to skirt bad press. It doesn’t get any more self-serving than this.

COVID-19 is still out there and real Americans are still at risk everyday: our nurses, our doctors, our friends, our grandparents. Think of those you love and hold that thought: they’re the ones that Trump has deemed expendable on his war path for the White House. We want people to understand how bad this virus really is, and we need your help.

COVID-19 is still taking lives and Trump is abetting the virus. Right now, we must go beyond replacing fact with fiction. Share this post so others can see the reality of COVID-19, a reality that Trump is minimizing to aid his reelection bid.

When you share this post, you’re not just calling Trump a liar, you’re exposing his true colors: a desperate politician who will jeopardize American lives so long as they don’t stand in his way.

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