That’s right, Twitter has slapped a warning label on a Trump tweet for the 5th time since last month, according to reporting in The New York Times. But don’t worry, they didn’t call him a liar, he just violated the company’s policies that forbid abusive behavior. From the article, the tweet “threatened ‘serious force’ against any protesters who tried to establish an autonomous zone in Washington, D.C., as they have in Seattle.”

Many found it to be a remarkable show of aggression from a sitting president towards the American people, and Twitter seemed to agree. While pretty much all other social media giants have done little to dissuade Trump’s incendiary remarks and content sharing, Twitter began wading into the waters with Trump’s comments on vote-by-mail (he claimed that the process was rife with fraud), which were so easily refutable that they attached a link on his tweet that took users to the actual truth.

In the fight against disinformation, it was a big and bold step. In typical Trumpian fashion, the president attempted to abuse his power by signing “an executive order intended to roll back legal protections for Twitter and other internet companies.” He’s been peddling the idea that Twitter’s interference in his ramblings is liberal media bias, not a private company deciding that his lies have passed into a realm beyond blatancy.

The New York Times’ piece notes that despite Trump’s attempts to fight back, “Twitter has continued its efforts to moderate his tweets, setting it apart from social media companies that have avoided taking action on the president’s posts.”

You can read more about the latest sticker that Twitter slapped on Trump’s disinfo here.